09 November, 2012

le sigh

 I feel like I haven't been anywhere in forever. Forever!


I know that's illogical, since I went to Mexico last spring and New Orleans twice this summer... but still.

I think it doesn't help that my husband is working in Rwanda for the entire month of November. We were supposed to take a little vacation/getaway in November for our anniversary, but now it looks like he'll be gone the entire month and I'll be stuck here in the Midwest, twiddling my thumbs and watching my pregnant belly get larger and larger.

A year ago, I was getting ready for a trip to Paris. Two years ago, I'd just gone to Vegas for the first time.  Speaking of Vegas, it often combines my two loves: gambling and celebrity gossip! Ok, so I actually don't gamble. I spent $20 on slot machines and won $10 in blackjack, and then pretty much washed my hands of the whole gambling thing. But I AM kind of addicted to celebrity gossip (yes, I know there are better things to do with my time...) so there you go. Doesn't everyone need to know the latest in celebrity DUIs and hook-ups?

But I digress. Clearly, I've got the itch to go somewhere. Do something, one last time before this baby comes and cramps my style! (sorry, kid, but it's a reality that comes with the territory). I know I tend to travel a lot more than some people - and less than others - but I guess maybe there's a part of me that's freaking out a bit about parenthood and wants one last hurrah... even if it has to be alcohol-free!

I need a beach! Or a cabin in the mountains! Or a noisy, seizure-inducing casino...

Maybe I should just consider having the house to myself for a month as vacation enough? It will be nice to have some "me time" to get a little more Zen before the chaos of the holidays and a newborn baby starts.

If anyone can recommend a good staycation, I'm all ears!


Shooting Stars Mag said...

I would feel a bit stuck being alone for a month too, but you're right...it's great for "me time" and I hope you find some ways to enjoy that! The holidays are fun (or I think so) but they are quite hectic.

A staycation idea...mmm...do you have any close girl friends, or friends in general where you live? You could throw a party of some sort. I'm always hosting really random, themed parties for me and my dorky friends. Proof here: www.allgrownupparties.blogspot.com


Slauditory said...

You could go for a weekend getaway in a cabin in a nearby state park/national park. They're nice with kitchens and they are cheaper this time of year. I think I'm going to do one of those soon myself.

DWei said...

Theresa has always wanted to go to Vegas with me and I'd love to take her on a cruise ship.

Sadly, both things are difficult on student debts and loans.

And I'll be honest, staycations for me devolve into computer and internet time so you're better off asking someone else.

L-Diggitty said...

Throwing parties always stresses me out... I would love to be one of those people who's a naturally awesome hostess, but I guess I need more practice. And Valium.

A cabin sounds AMAZING. As long as there's running water and electricity!

Katyenka said...

I hear that Iowa is not far away... (And not very interesting...)

Jamie said...

GO! Go somewhere, anywhere! Nobody ever regrets traveling.


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