17 January, 2014

a letter to my daughter

Dear Charlotte,

I hope for so many good things for you!

I hope you grow to be bold and strong, but not hard-hearted.

I hope you learn to be kind to others, even to those who seem undeserving.

I hope you learn to love yourself - be mindful of your limitations and your opportunity areas, but don't beat yourself up for being human.

I hope you learn to carry yourself with confidence, and that you defend those who are more timid.

I hope you protect yourself as best you can from those who would harm, degrade, or otherwise dishonor you.

I hope you protect yourself, but don't let fear rule you. Don't be afraid to take calculated risks - stepping out of your comfort zone is when you can feel the most alive!

I hope you someday decide to drop everything and move somewhere crazy (just don't forget to call me from time to time!!!).

I hope you make a living doing something that you love, and I hope that career will sustain you and provide you with financial stability.

I hope you know the value of money, but that you don't let material things rule you.

I hope you find your creative niche and nurture the heck out of it. 

I hope you respect the world you live in. Try to minimize your negative impact and maximize your positive impact on everything and everyone around you.

I hope that, when calamity falls on you, you'll see it for what it is: not as the end of the world, but as a chapter of life with a finite beginning and end. Life is a series of ups and downs, twists and turns, rises and falls. You have to experience the bad to truly appreciate the good. Nothing is permanent - so learn to be content wherever, however you are.

I hope someday, when my role as a parent has diminished, we can be friends. I hope the mistakes I will make while raising you are forgivable. Please know that my heart's intent was to do the right thing, even if I somehow failed in the execution.
I hope that, when you pass from this world, you are an old woman, warm and peaceful in your bed, content in the knowledge that you've lived your life as best you were able.

I love you, Charlotte. I always will, no matter what. Happy first birthday, Baby Bean!




DWei said...

Reminds me of that video that guy from Google made for his daughter. :)

Katyenka said...

You are precious! Both of you!!!


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