Blogs I Love

* The Bloggess
I may not get the whole Nathan Fillion obsession, but there's no funnier blogger out there.

* Mommy Wants Vodka
'Nuff said.

* Crazy Lesbian Mom
A mom who's dealt with all kinds of fertility frustrations, but successfully conceived in April 2012.

* Doesn't Speak Klingon
Hilarious posts from a unique mind (with sassy cinema reviews from the Movie Whore).

* The Lucky Nun
A lovely lady who I've been following since I started my first blog in 2002; an amazing writer and human being.

* Reading (and Chickens)
Hilarious and thoughtful posts complete with custom-made illustrations. Brilliant!

* Gaga Stigmata
An online academic study of Lady Gaga, founded by my friend! I'm so proud!

I'm With the Band! 
And you should be, too. This is a great site for commiseration, support, and information on all that troubles you.


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